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Philosophy of a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

The professional philosophy for my practice as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, who likes working with individuals with physical and mental disorders, is proposed in this paper. Included in this philosophy is my definition of leisure, recreation, and play and the nature of how I view their interrelationship with work and each other. Leisure, recreation and play are similar in that they provide pleasure, intrinsic motivation, and are refreshing and revitalizing. They are different in that they focus on different aspects of physical and mental well-being. Also included is a discussion of why I find these concepts vital to achieving a life that equates to my definition of the ôgood life,ö also provided herein, a life that promotes health, happiness, well-being, and self-fulfillment. Without leisure, recreation and play being incorporated into oneÆs daily existence, I do not believe such a life can be achieved. My views on how this philosophy will enable me to improve my practice as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist are also included. It will do so by removing conventional barriers handicapped individuals face when trying to engage in work, leisure, recreation and play.

The concepts of leisure, recreation and play are fundamental to living the ôgood life.ö Combined with work, a primary occupation of most human beings, the interrelationship of leisure, recreation and play promote a well-balanced mind and healthy body. For individuals with physical or mental handicaps, the concepts of leisure, recreation and play take on even more significance in contributing to such individualsÆ chances for leading the ôgood life.ö

Since my occupation is a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, having a sound philosophy of the ôgood lifeö and a deep understanding of the interrelationship of work, leisure, recreation and play as they relate to it will enable me to apply this philosophy into practice. My definitions, examples a...

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