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Hidden Meanings: Student Essay Parody

Michael ParkerÆs ôHidden Meaningsö is a parody of a student essay. In the essay, ParkerÆs female writer attempts to abide by some of the rules of essay writing. For instance, she attempts to offer a theme, that ôlooking at the comical side onlyö of the song ôAinÆt Gonna Bump No More No Big Fat Womanö is ôan errorö that fails to show the true meaning of the songÆs lyrics (Parker 7; 1). ParkerÆs writer also tries to abide by the rules of essay writing by demonstrating some of the techniques used by the songwriter to make his points more vivid and clear, like his ôTreatment of Time,ö the use of ôSupreme Irony,ö and his sharing of ôLife Experiencesö (Parker 7).

Apart from these efforts at attempting to abide by the rules of essay writing, ParkerÆs writer veers wildly off course from those rules throughout most of the essay. For instance, instead of keeping to her main point, the writer veers off into her own life experiences and provides a critique of the professor. ParkerÆs writer goes into a lengthy description of her father, her ex-boyfriend, and her upbringing. Although she does attempt to connect some of these tangents to her point, like explaining how her being overweight is similar to the woman in the song she is explicating for the most part she fails to make any significant connections to her explication and her life.

ParkerÆs writer makes numerous grammatical errors along the way, from simple ones like using the word ôladderö when she means ôlatterö to others that are more egregious (Parker 5). The writer is guilty of numerous run-on sentences and brings together disconnected thoughts and ideas in the same sentence. More significantly, the speaker uses what is to be an essay that explicates a song to critique her professor. She maintains of her professor, ôWhat you want is for everybody to A: Look hot and B: agree with youö (Parker 5-6). Furthermore, she maintains her profes


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