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A Jury of Her Peers, Before Breakfast, Citizen Kane

In GlasspellÆs A Jury of Her Peers and Trifles, we are respectively treated to a short story and dramatic version of the same story. While the main theme of each remains in tact û the limitations on female identity in a male dominated society û the opening scenes demonstrate significant differences. The differences are primarily the result of the structure and convention of these two different literary genres. In A Jury of Her Peers, as is conventional in a short story, we are provided with more in depth detail of setting and character through narration. The opening scene with Mrs. Hale describes her situation with her in her own home, about to leave with the men and another woman for the Wright home. In Trifles, because of the more compact and dramatic form of a drama, we are provided with the playwrightÆs description of the scene. However, the scene being described in Trifles is the Wright home, not Mrs. HaleÆs perspective. Eliminating such narrative detail and travel that are described in A Jury of Her Peers is common when dramatizing a work of literature. The conventions of drama do not admit such details or readily lend themselves to scenes of travel from one location to another. Despite this difference in structure, content, and setting, both versions of the story keep the theme of male oppression in tact. In A Jury of Her Peers, as Martha Hale is preparing to reluctantly leave her kitchen in an unkempt fashion, her husband yells: ôMartha! DonÆt keep folks waiting out here in the coldö (1). However, in Trifles, the County Attorney is the first to speak and addresses his comment to the women entering the Wright home: ôThis feels good. Come up to the fire, ladiesö (1). Both of these statements are significant to the theme because they symbolize male superiority over women. Mr. Hale impatiently hurries his wife without consideration of what duties might be keeping her. The County Attorne


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