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Gods of Ancient Egypt

The history of Ancient Egypt encompasses a span of approximately three millennia and more than thirty dynasties. Within this ancient culture, a number of myths, gods, and rituals provide us with rich insight into the values, beliefs, and practices of Egyptians. A large number of gods are instrumental in revealing the worldview of the Ancient Egyptians, including their mythology. Creation myths, funeral practices, and beliefs regarding the afterlife are all either directly or indirectly connected to these gods. This analysis will discuss the gods of Ancient Egypt and the myths associated with creation, funeral practices, and afterlife beliefs.

The gods of Ancient Egypt were numerous, each with a specific purpose that provided meaning to the typical Egyptian. Ancient Egyptian society maintained a belief in various gods of all sizes, powers, and of both genders. For example, Apep was the ôserpent godö who attempted to ôdestroy the sunö on a daily basis (McDevitt 1). Like Apep, many of the gods of Ancient Egypt were closely associated with nature, a fact significant to an agrarian culture and society. However, a number of gods were devoted to other aspects of life. Bes was the ôDwarf-god of music and warfare,ö while Sobek was the god of the crocodiles whose job it was to ôwatch overö the Egyptians and protect their welfare (McDevitt 2).

A number of the gods were associated with the elements. The Nile was an extremely important aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture. The Nile was responsible for providing the fertile lands off of which the Egyptians survived, as well as a means of transportation during times of war and for trade. Egyptian mythology incorporated gods as a means of explaining a variety of natural phenomena to the Egyptians. Aker was the ôGuardian of the rising and setting sun,ö Nut was the ôGoddess of the sky,ö Seth was the ôgod of storms and chaos,ö and Shu was the ôgod of airö (McDevitt 1-2)...

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