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Black/White History & Human Evolution

The purpose of this research is to examine the issue of sex and race, in particular the crossbreeding and intermingling between the black and white races during ancient and early civilizations.. The plan of the research will be to set forth in general terms the historical and anthropological context in which the intermingling of races is to be considered, and then to discuss, with reference to specific resources, the implications and consequences of the thesis that the whole of humankind can be traced to a single geographical and anthropological source.

The issue of race and sex turns on an apparently precedent issue, with the former concerned with the anthropological and ethnological origins of the human species and the latter the biological, or pre-anthropological origins. A number of sources have in recent years cited two competing hypotheses to explain human evolution. As Kramer explains,1 the two competing hypotheses are described as the replacement and multiregional (also called regional-continuity)2 evolution. The replacement theory is that modern Homo sapiens emerged first from Africa, from where human beings spread out to populate Egypt, the whole of Europe, and Asia. The multiregional theory is that there were diverse populations of modern human beings evolving in indigenous areas throughout the Old World. The replacement theory is connected to the term "mitochondrial Eve." Thompson describes this theory as asserting that the whole of living human populations derived from a 200,000-year-old Neanderthal origin in Africa. The competing theory is based on fossil records in Africa, Europe, and Asia, that suggest that Cro-Magonon man may have coexisted for a period with Neanderthal man.3

When Neanderthal-man fossil records were first discovered, experts created the genus Homo neanderthalensis.4 However, Neanderthal features have been found in modern humans, and earlier Neanderthal man has been identified as a subspecies of H...

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