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Sports Injuries

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 775,000 children under age fifteen are treated in hospital emergency departments for sports-related injuries each year, with about 80 percent of these injuries are from playing football, basketball, baseball, or soccer. While many of these injuries are mild strains and sprains, serious injuries, including broken bones and concussions and even death can occur. In recent years, reports of children dying from injuries or more frequently from heat stroke or heart arrhythmia are being reported more widely.

Based on the statistical report published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission and included in Appendix A, it would appear that the five most dangerous sports in the United States are, in descending order are: Basketball, Bicycling, Football, Soccer and Softball. Participation in each of these sports involves more than 100,000 visits to emergency rooms. The American Journal of Sports Medicine ranks a variety of other sports with the number of injuries per 1000 hours of activity in parentheses. 1. Alpine skiing (8) 2. Rowing machine exercise (6) 3. Treadmill walking or jogging (6) 4. Tennis (5) 5. Dancing classes (5) 6. Resistance training with weight machines (4) 7. Resistance training with free weights (4) 8. Outdoor cycling (3.5) 9. Stationary cycle exercise (2) 10. Stair climbing (2) 11. Walking (2) Most sports-related injuries in sports related activities such as running, cycling, swimming, stair climbing, and walking are caused by the overuse or misuse of a muscle or joints. Common injuries include strains and sprains, as well as torn tendons or ligaments, dislocations and fractures. According to Walter Frontera in Physician and Sports Medicine, there are specific steps that must occur with sports injuries involving breaks to long bones or joint injuries that typically involve (39):

Immobilization and surgical intervention if required

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