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Meta-Analysis Article Analyses

Krishnakumar, A., & Buehler, C. (2000). Interparental conflict and parenting behaviors: A meta-analytic review. Family Relations, 49(1), 25-45.

The theme or key idea for this article was the meta-analysis of the relationship between interparental conflict and parenting behaviors; the analysis included 138 effect sizes taken from 39 studies.

The problem studied was the effect of conflict between parents on their parenting behaviors toward their children which can lead to factors related developmental concerns and violence among youths. Studies have shown that parents in aggressive marital relationships may yell, threaten, spank, hit, or shove their children as forms of punishment. Studies have identified the effects of parenting behaviors such as disciplinary practices, consistency, and involvement, and marital conflict. However it is not clear what part of the variance is due to marital conflict and an arbitrary examination of the relationship may not lead to accurate findings since variables of direction or strength are not considered along with other methodological characteristics.

Hypotheses for this study were not formally stated. The √īspillover hypothesis√∂ was used as a theoretical foundation to explain that emotions, affect, and mood in the marital relationship transfers to the parent-child relationship.

Research questions for this study were not formally stated, however, a link between marital conflict and parenting behaviors is implied since prior research has concluded this relationship.

The predictions for this study were not formally stated, however, since the conceptualization and literature review focused on effects of interparental conflict on parenting, along with explanations for this association, this relationship was implied.

The article provided an adequate bibliography to support the factors studied, the need for the study, and a theoretical framework to address conclusions.

The sample ...

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