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This is a proposal for paper discussing nuts and their linkage to specific allergic reactions. Using only scientific and medical journals this paper will identify specific nuts (peanuts, tree nuts and soybeans) their link to food allergies (proteins) and the types of allergic reactions that may be expected (anaphylaxis).

This paper will show how this allergy is acquired, how it is diagnosed and treated and how it may be prevented. In addition, this paper will analyze the high incidence of this particular allergy in the pediatric population and what probable social factors may be contributing to this.

This paper will also note how food companies are making information available for the prevention of food allergic reactions through exposure to foods containing offensive allergens, by allowing for their avoidance. We will also note the effectiveness of these methods and whether or not they are capable of accounting for all the possibilities of food allergen exposure. NUTS & ALLERGIES

Children are most susceptible to food allergies, especially from nuts.

Food allergies from nuts occur at a young age with most medical professionals recommending the introduction of nuts to the diet at a later age of development.

A. Social changes have pressurized parents to provide a more healthful diet for children. The nutritional value of nuts and especially soy as a substitute for other foods is very high.

What happens when someone suffers an allergic reaction to nuts? What is anaphylaxis?

What are food companies doing to warn consumers effectively? Food allergy or food hypersensitivity is a term applied to a group of disorders characterized by abnormal or exaggerated immuninologic responses to specific food proteins that result in a variety of symptoms. ( ) This paper will discuss the food allergy as it is applied to the food proteins associated with nuts. Additionally, this paper will discuss types of nut allergies with ...

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