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Description of the Self

Description of the Self: How do you look?

As a male of 70 years, I am immersed in the process of aging. Because I am relatively stocky, I am also somewhat stooped. My hair has become completely gray and so has my facial and body hair. There are deep creases in my face that run parallel to my nose and I suspect that my chin has become more prominent. Like other elderly men, I find myself required to pay careful attention to my grooming, clipping hair that has begun to sprout in places where it never appeared before.

With regard to my feelings, physically, I am in relatively good health. I have a slight touch of arthritis that is exacerbated on those days that the weather is particularly damp or cold. Otherwise, my health is good though I must pay careful attention to maintaining my weight and to keeping my cholesterol and blood pressure levels in a desirable range.

My major problem at this time is contemplating the onset of AlzheimerÆs disease in my spouse. The condition was diagnosed some time ago and due to excellent care and medication, many of the symptoms have been either delayed or relatively mild. At this time, however, it is becoming increasingly apparent that my wife is deteriorating much more rapidly than in the past. This is a source of deep emotional stress.

Emotionally and psychologically, I perceive myself to be in good condition. I am still married at this time and I am close to my grown children and grandchildren. My sexual life is not expansive, but it remains satisfying. There are times when I feel somewhat depressed because I am conscious that time is passing very quickly and that I am not as able to do things that I enjoy doing as much as I used to. On balance, however, I feel relatively well.

My time is spent in caring for my wife and in taking responsibility for our home. After retirement from a full-time career in social work, my wife and I had anticipated being ...

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