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Boxer's View of Animal Farm

Major characters in the book, Animal Farm, by Orwell (1996) include Mr. Jones, Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer. Boxer, is a minor character in the story; Boxer is a cart-horse. From the perspective of Boxer, this story is about how animals defeated the farmer, Mr. Jones, and claim the property renamed as Animal Farm. Boxer was very dedicated to the leaders of Animal Farm and used his strength to help them defeat all odds. This character is very loyal and dedicated to authority, which in this case was the animals. While Boxer was not one to lead the fight for ideals, he was able to put his trust in those who did lead the fight. He died while working hard for this cause.

Boxer was one to notice that Animal Farm prospered at first. He put his faith and trust in the new leaders and worked hard to reach the goals of the Farm. He was blind to the power and wrongful influence of the animals, as they became the new leaders of the Farm. He viewed the leader Napoleon as always being right and doing what was needed for his behalf.

While unaware of what was actually going on, Boxer continued to work hard and support the leaders Napoleon and Snowball while they themselves began to argue over the farm. Each fought the other to gain power and influence over the animals. When Snowball wanted to build a windmill, Napoleon opposed the plan and overcame Snowball, using animals to chase Snowball away while Napoleon assumed full leadership. Again, Boxer thought Napoleon, the leader, was right and should be followed unquestionably. Ultimately, Napoleon decided on the windmill and Boxer helped to complete it. Next, Boxer became aware of the fact that Snowball was the villain, since Napoleon declared this to be so.

This blind following resulted in Boxer becoming abused by the animal leader, Napoleon. As time passed, the pigs in charge became much like human beings with the more powerful ones in charge o...

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