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School Vouchers and New Forms of Schools

School vouchers, magnet schools, and charter schools all serve various functions in the educational system. These schools are found largely in urban areas with dense populations. Briefly, school vouchers allow students to choose a school, magnet schools attract gifted minority students, and charter schools provide education outside of the traditional public school system.

School vouchers allow families to select the public or private schools of their choice by redirecting the funding that usually goes to school districts directly to the family instead (Coulson, 1998). They often include scholarships and are provided by the government, private schools, or both (Coulson, 1998). Vouchers are highly controversial, and several studies have been carried out regarding their effects and their benefits. A study found that vouchers benefit minorities and families with lower incomes, as they are most likely to apply and use vouchers (Campbell et al., 2005). Another study found, however, that vouchers created segregation by class and race (Ferraiolo et al., 2004). Farrell and Mathews (2006) reported that vouchers led to the creation of 50 new private schools in the Milwaukee area, many religion-based, and if white-owned, they enrolled a smaller percentage of African American students. The drawbacks of voucher systems seem to impact minorities more than they benefit them.

A magnet school is a part of the public school system and attracts students to travel outside their designated school zone to a program that offers something unique and beneficial to them (What is a Magnet School?, 2003) The goal of magnet schools is to eliminate racial segregation in schools, particularly minority isolation, which is when a minority group constitutes 50 percent of students in one school (Magnet School Assistance, 2007). The purpose is to allow minority students to desegregate voluntarily, rather than having the government bus minority students to ot...

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