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Video Game Disc Information

The product that will be produced is a video game disc containing a game, The Armies of Thunder. The product will consist of both the game itself, i.e., the software, and the video game disc that it is recorded on. The Armies of Thunder is a video game featuring an army of men whose power force originate from thunder and other natural elements, such as light and electromagnetic rays. The Armies of Thunder are pitted against the person playing the game, who is given increasing amounts of power to counter them with as he progresses through the various levels. The object of the game is to capture the living treasure of Thunder Mountain, and if the player can do this before being destroyed by the Armies of Thunder, he wins the game. The software must be designed and written by software designers, who determine how the game works and what its content will be. The video game disc itself is a compact disc, or CD, that can be played in a computer or a special video game console. Also referred to as a digital video game disc, or DVGD, the disc is read by a laser beam in the player that "passes through the polycarbonate layer, reflects off the aluminum layer and hits an opto-electronic device that detects changes in light" (Brain). Since the bumps reflect the light differently than the rest of the aluminum layer, and the player has an "opto-electronic sensor" that detects those changes in reflectivity, the disc drive's electronics can interpret the changes to read the disc (Brain).

The property requirements for the disc include that it be an "injection-molded piece of clear polycarbonate plastic" that is "impressed with microscopic bumps arranged as a single, continuous, extremely long spiral/track of data with the ability to hold more than 783 megabytes of information (Brain, "Understanding the CD: Material"). The disc has a thin protective acrylic layer sprayed over the aluminum, with a la


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