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A Discussion of Meditation

Meditation occurs in various forms and types, from transcendental meditation (TM) to Zen, Buddhist, and Taoist Meditation. According to one practitioner, "Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness, usually involving turning the attention inward to a single point of reference" ("Meditation" 1). Meditation provides the benefit of helping the practitioner achieve a heightened state of consciousness from what is generally considered the meaning of the concept: "contemplation" ("Mediation" 1). The typical process involves focusing on one word, one image, or one sound that becomes a source of concentration and helps provide healing. As one practitioner of the technique notes, "When the mind is 'filled' with the feeling of calm and peace, it cannot take off on its own and worry, stress out, or get depressed" ("What" 1).

Meditation is associated with many religious and philosophical beliefs, including Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islamic religions but Christian meditation also occurs. No matter which philosophical form of meditation one adopts (each has different physical practices), one expert in the practice maintains they all have one thing in common: "they all focus on quieting the busy mind" ("What" 1). Meditation is able to prevent the mind from being distracted by the cares or woes of the past, the present, or even worries about the future. Many health experts believe that meditation is beneficial as a major reliever of stress. As one health professional explains, "When the mind is calm and focused in the present, it is neither reacting to memories from the past nor being preoccupied with plans for the future, two major sources of chronic stress known to impact health" ("What" 1). Other health benefits are thought to arise from meditation.

Meditation encompasses a variety of diverse methods like formal sitting, in which the body remains motionless...

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