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Sacrifices in the Making of the United States

I have been taught from nursery school through my senior year of high school that America is a country governed by one of the greatest constitutions in the world. As a nation, America is the symbol of freedom and equality to the rest of world, much of which is still ravaged by human rights injustices and oppressive governments. We can take pride in the fact that we are citizens of a country that has been impacted by civil rights leaders such as Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr. and led by presidents like John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Ronald Reagan. America is the strongest power in the world, and the American president is the most powerful individual on the planet. This is not a power obtained through oppression but because we are a nation marked by courage, ambition, and intelligence.

Our success did not come overnight, however. Although at our nation's birth we were considered "the New World"-a place of new beginnings and a nation free from the kind of religious oppression that the pilgrims suffered under the Church of England-we started out with an active slave trade and the murders of many Native Americans on our hands. With that starting place, it was evident that we faced a long struggle to make America what it was intended to be-a land of freedom and opportunity for all. Moreover, even in this budding nation founded to provide freedom and a better life, there was rank injustice. Although Christopher Columbus is credited in history books with discovering America, American Indians were inhabitants of the land for thousands of years before Columbus arrived on our soil. We read stories in history books about the pilgrims' first Thanksgiving dinner with the Indians, but the truth about how the Indians were repaid for their help to the colonists by seizing their land, killing their children, and raping their women is not included in those textbooks. Even the writers of our own Constitution-brilliant me<...

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