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Contemporary Business Practices

According to an essay published online on the Wikipedia website, Big Hairy Audacious Goals were first proposed by Jerry Porras in a 1996 article entitled "Building Your Company's Vision." A BHAG is an audacious 10 to 30 year goal to progress steadily towards an envisioned future. A true BHAG is clear and compelling. It serves to focus effort, and acts as a catalyst for personal and professional and spiritual growth and development. Five of my BHAGs are:

1. To become a best-selling author within the next 10 years in either fiction or nonfiction book writing

2. To find and marry the person of my dreams

3. To become a millionaire within five years and a multimillionaire within 10 years and give generously to charities

4. To develop a system or plan for building wealth that can and will be shared with friends and family

5. To retire in 10 years with enough money to ensure that I will never have to work again unless I choose to do so (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

To find the right balance between work and life and feel that I have become a success in both my personal and professional life

Within five years, to be recognized as an expert in my chosen field. With the same five-year period, to focus as much attention as necessary on finding and building and strengthening personal relationships with friends, family, and romantic interests.

. To obtain an advanced degree from a prestigious college within five years, and to graduate with distinction or honors

. To be viewed by others as a rising star in my chosen profession, and have the choice of working for a single company or consulting for multiple clients

. To be recruited vigorously by the most prestigious firms in my chosen profession

. To accept at least one overseas assignment within five years


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