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College admissions essay: Aeronautical Engineering

I intend to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue University because I believe that this degree will enable me to achieve my personal and professional goals. My interest in a college degree stems in large part from watching my parents struggle in their business because neither of them attended college, and therefore many of the things they learned were based on trial and error. I am not interested in taking over the family business, but I am convinced that an undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue will help me to be successful in my chosen profession in several ways. First, it will prepare me for a career with one of the major aerospace companies. Second, a degree from a top rated engineering program will ensure that I "hit the ground running" when I graduate and that I can make meaningful contributions as soon as I am hired. Third, if I pursue an advanced degree, my undergraduate degree will give me the academic credentials needed to apply to any graduate school.

I feel that I have an aptitude for engineering as well as a passion for engineering. I believe that part of being an engineer is curiosity about how things work. I enjoy reading about how things work, but I find it enjoyable and personally rewarding to take things apart to see how they work for myself. I cannot remember a time when I was not taking things apart. I have learned a lot about the practical aspects of engineering from doing so.

I appreciate this opportunity to share information that is not readily apparent in my academic record or elsewhere. I regret that I was not more focused in high school. There were almost certainly opportunities that I missed out on. My problem with high school was not that it was too challenging, but rather that school was too rigid and restrictive. My experience was that if it was not in the lesson plan, the teacher was usually unwilling to discuss it. My perspectiv


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