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DHL Marketing

The analysis of DHL's marketing strategy includes a review of its market segmentation, marketing mix, promotion, place, competitors, market share, and competitive advantage. DHL does segment its market, and its market segments include domestic and international corporate businesses, retailers, and individual consumers.

DHL's marketing mix of product, place, promotion, and price is dominated by place. As the Chicago bureau chief noted in a discussion of DHL, "The trucks are everywhere" ("Inside the Mix," 2004, p. 12). DHL spent $150 million on a six-month integrated marketing campaign that included a substantial expenditure on television advertising, but "the presence of the trucks themselves" made product distribution "the key part of the marketing mix" ("Inside the Mix," 2004, p. 12). Consumers trust what they see everywhere, and the DHL trucks are ubiquitous ("Inside the Mix," 2004, p. 12). The presence of so many DHL trucks demonstrates to the consumer that "people must be using the service, so they believe that the infrastructure is in place" ("Inside the Mix," 2004, p. 12). The company's product and place will change shortly, though; as of January 30, 2009, DHL will discontinue all of its U.S. Express business to focus solely on its international offerings ("DHL to Stop U.S. Domestic-Only Services," 2008). DHL will retain its other U.S.-based services, such as Global Forwarding/Freight, Supply Chain/Customer Information Services (CIS), and DHL Global Mail ("DHL to Stop U.S. Domestic-Only Services," 2008). DHL's competitive pricing will not be affected. The synergistic effect of DHL's marketing mix will be to position it as an international business.

DHL promotes its products largely through television advertising and the presence of its trucks, which one observer termed "the ultimate outdoor media vehicle" ("Inside the Mix," 2004, p. 12). DHL utilizes a relationship management sales strategy ...

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