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Advertisement for HR Services attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best employees. In a lagging economy, getting and keeping the best talent is a key to survival and a must for business success.

Finding the right employees can be a guessing game if you don't have a sound method for evaluating candidates. Recruiting can be frustrating when you're not sure if the employees you hire will be superstars or problem employees. Even more importantly, if you already have outstanding employees in house, you want to be sure of keeping them rather than going through the expensive process of terminating them, losing their talent and company knowledge, and then starting all over again with new employees.

The success of HR depends upon its ability to attract, recruit, and retain excellent employees. Human Dimensions offers a two-pronged approach to finding and keeping the right employees for your company. The first prong is testing to identify how a person will respond in particular situations, and the second prong is testing to explain why the person will respond that way.

Human Dimensions leverages the insights of emotional intelligence (EI) science to give you an inside look at what makes people tick and how to manage them effectively. It provides a window into employee motivations that enables you to "peg" each of your employees so that you can use strategies that work well for them.

Not only can our testing help you predict employee behavior, it can reveal the keys to engaging your employees for a happy, productive workforce. Happy, productive employees attract new employees like themselves, resulting in a self-perpetuating competitive advantage.

In today's difficult market, attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best employees is vital. Human Dimensions' highly effective testing will remove the unpleasant surprises and hidden problems inherent


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