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Christian Theology Dominion: Ramachandra's Theory

In Vinoth Ramachandra's (13) Subverting Global Myths, the author provides a definition of Christian theology that views the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of life. Individuals cannot know the truth of Christ by adopting insular, self-centered myths regarding terrorism, religious violence, human rights, science, multiculturalism, and postcolonial theory. Instead, Ramachandra advocates Christians enter imaginatively into the pain of others who suffer from the consequences of belief oppressive world pictures that tyrannize others. This analysis will discuss Ramachandra's definition of Christian theology as he applies it to case studies, highlighting its most provocative and its most unconvincing points. A conclusion will address what the author believes is necessary for a sound Christian theology to emerge globally.

One of Ramachandra's (145) most convincing points in his theory of Christian theology is that the Bible and Christian theology general "endorse cultural diversity." Nevertheless, a provocative point made by Ramachandra (145) is that even Christians or nations have a tendency to "absolutize" themselves. It is this form of ethnocentrism or religio-centrism that underlies myths Ramachandra argues must be examined critically to be able to embrace diversity and adopt a Christian theology that gives ultimacy to human rights.

One of Ramachandra's most unconvincing points to this reader is his argument that rejecting the use of the word terror and avoiding demonizing terrorists would undermine both terrorists and the terror they spread. While Ramachandra (49) does show how some terrorist organizations have been converted to "peaceful political groups," rhetoric changes alone will not disarm terrorists or remove their specific motives for spreading destruction. Yet far too often the author argues that people are fooled by national myths or cultural ones that obscure truth. In ...

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