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Accounting Internship

As an intern in a CPA accounting firm, the intern's general duties and responsibilities included bookkeeping and accounting, preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses, and occasional research assignments. A CPA accounting firm is comprised of certified public accountants (CPAs) that provides professional accounting services to its clients, which can be both individuals and companies.

The general experience of an accountant in a CPA accounting firm is varied. Accountants may work on bookkeeping or accounting tasks during the majority of the year and then be shifted to tax return preparation during the hectic tax season. This experience will provide an excellent background for a future career in accounting, not only boosting the level of professional skills but also acquainting the intern with a variety of problems and solutions that are likely to be encountered in the future.

The internship experience in a U.S. company may be quite different from the situation that would be encountered in a European or other country. Cultural differences are one of the primary differentiators. In a country such as France, for example, the need for punctuality is lower than it is in the U.S., where everyone is expected to be at work and in meetings on time. In Asian countries such as China and Japan, a great deal more importance is placed upon developing relationships with clients. In addition, Asian businesspeople are less open and straightforward in their communication and it is necessary to listen carefully and watch their body language to understand what they mean. They may indicate agreement and yet actually disagree, for example. They are also more concerned with hierarchy and business titles than U.S. businesspeople are and Asian clients of a certain caliber and stature may not be willing to do business with an intern or a beginning CPA. Organizational structures tend to be more hierarchical in oth...

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