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Judaic Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and divorce are both significant topics in contemporary life as they were in ancient times. Marriage and divorce are both topics included in the holy texts of three major religions; Judaism (Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures); Christianity (New Testament); and, Islam (Koran). Over time some positions on marriage and divorce has evolved with respect to these religions, but for the most part fundamental religious texts are still used to interpret the meaning of and rules related to marriage and divorce. Where marriage is concerned, theology scholar J.D. Douglas argues that all three religions share a similar perspective: "God's intention from the creation was that a husband and wife remain married for life" (1368). Despite this similarity, different views of marriage and surely quite distinct views of divorce exist among all three of these religions. All three of these religions shaped marriage and divorce in ways that were viewed as beneficial for society - whether the prohibition on incestuous marriages in all three religions or the use of marriage as a means of undermining immorality.

Divorce is generally considered taboo in all three religions, though there are references and regulations related to divorce in the fundamental holy texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One similarity in all three religions is that males are dominant in the control of women, both with respect to marriage contracts and divorce. This analysis will provide a comparison and contrast of marriage and divorce, as it is outlined in the fundamental religious texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A conclusion will summarize the main findings of this research, and also address any evolution of views on marriage and divorce within these three religions that have occurred since ancient times.

Judaic Marriage and Divorce

Hebrew Scripture refers to marriage and divorce. Judaism considers marriage as f...

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