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Self-Evaluation of Leadership

Self-awareness is an important aspect of being a responsive and effective leader (London, 2002). How we see ourselves does not just influence the decisions we make within the organizations we lead but it also determines how others see us and respond to us. Insights into who we are and how we lead can be gained by systematic self-evaluation of our performance as leaders. Depending on the personal character traits of the person conducting the self-evaluation, this can be an insightful and productive process, or one that is marked by omission and dishonesty. 360-degree feedback can be used as an effective tool in assessing leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses (Lepsinger & Lucia, 2009). Significantly, as Eckert and colleagues (2010) have pointed out, results where observer ratings differ from self-observer ratings are indicators of "problematic leadership relationships, skills, or lack of self-awareness" (p.259).

As I was approaching the self-evaluation of this assignment, I utilized the 360-degree assessment tool to get a better understanding of how others see me as a leader. Moreover, I was interested in finding out whether the self-perception of my performance differed from how others perceived me as a leader.

One of the greatest strength I see in myself is the ability to motivate myself and others. This view was also shared by the observer ratings I obtained as part of the 360-degree evaluation. I consider myself a self-starter who is motivated by helping others, improving services or products, and leading others to bring about positive change. I have a clear vision of how I see myself as a professional. Part of this vision is not just the advancement of my career but it also includes being an effective leader and guiding my company, as well as my students to success. Seeing others succeed is very satisfying to me. I measure my own success by the success my students and my company achieves. If students an...

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