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Bill Gates

Bill Gates of Microsoft can be credited as one of the most influential people in our culture's recent history. Computers are everywhere today: many people use them at work, at home, and our cell phones are becoming more like computers every day. As the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has found his way into the classrooms, home, and businesses across the country and beyond. Although Gates and Microsoft are not necessarily responsible for many advances in computer technology, many people consider him to be one of the founders of the modern "Information Age." His position as a software architect and his book Business at the Speed of Thought helped pave the way for technology to solve business and educational problems is ways that had never been considered before.

Commonly called 'Bill' for short, William Henry Gates III was born on October 28, 1955 to an upper-middle-class family in the Seattle area of Washington. His first experiences with computers were during the eighth grade at Lakeside School in Seattle. He achieved a nearly perfect score on the SAT test, and attended Harvard University for a few years. He did not complete his education at Harvard, dropping out to co-found the Micro-Soft company in 1975. The hyphen was later dropped from the name Microsoft.

Gate's goal was to make technology more efficient and cost effective in order to it accessible to the everyman. Microsoft windows and Microsoft office go a long way towards accomplishing this goal. With Gates' success, he has time to concentrate on his philanthropic interests. Gates' creations have, indeed, carried a huge cultural impact in that the brought computing into the home at a reasonable price and with simplicity of use. Gates' has had a prime role in ushering in the digital age.

Microsoft Windows has been used on most computers since they became popular in the 1980's. Microsoft Office, including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Pow


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