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There are three standard types of business letter formats that we suggest you adopt in all of your written communications that are external to the organization. For internal communications, we suggest you adopt our standard memo format which will also be reviewed in this manual with the three business letter formats. The three formats we suggest you adopt for business letters are: Full Block; Modified Block; Semi-Block. The top line in all three formats is for the date. The next three lines are for the name of the recipient and their company address in all three formats. The following line in all three formats is for the address to the individual, such as “Mr. Jones:”, “Marketing Director:” or “To Whom It May Concern:”. In professional letters the address is followed by a colon, not a period. The text follows the address for as many lines as it takes to convey the necessary information. All text in business correspondence should be professional discourse and not filled with slang, colloquial words or personal emotions or feelings. At the end of the text in all three formats comes the end greeting from the individual writing the letter, such as “Sincerely:” and “Best Regards:”. Four blank spaces follow this to allow room for a signature. Underneath this is the typed name of the letter writer. The spaces under this are reserved for other necessary information, such as is anyone were sent

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