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Presented herein is a proposal for a thesis, the topic of which will deal with the redevelopment of real property located in Tulare County, California. The nature of this topic requires that attention be paid to the financial feasibility of the proposed project, growth control and environmental protection concerns related to the proposed redevelopment, and governmental land use policies, in addition to the requirements of a traditional academic thesis.

This proposal includes a statement of the research problem to be investigated, an outline of the topics to be covered in the thesis, the research methodology that will be followed in the conduct of the proposed investigation, and a review of literature relevant to the topic to be investigated.

The fastest growing segment of the American population in the last years of the twentieth century is comprised of individuals over the age of 60 years. Social Security provides a base level of income for older Americans that enables most of these individuals to escape the worst ravages of poverty in their old age. The Medicare program assures that most older Americans will receive adequate health care at a relatively modest cost in their old age. What American society has not done for the elderly segment of its population, however, is to assure that older Americans will have a safe and affordable place to live in their old age.

The continual increases in the cost of housing placed severe financi

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