Importance of Writing Skills

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The recent loss of morale and potential loss of business created by poor written communication skills requires action be taken to correct this deficiency among employees. No business in today's competitive environment can hope to compete when its employees have not mastered basic academic writing skills in their written communications. As Weiss (2001) maintains, "As business and industry becomes more complicated, people with quality writing skills become indispensable" (p. 15). Written business communications are the lifeblood of the organization. Without effective written communications organizational goals cannot be achieved. Business writing includes memos, reports, analyses, manuals, news releases and other forms of communication.

An inability to effectively create such documents can result in lower morale, lost business, and an inability to attract new business. In light of the recent difficulties experienced from poorly written communication in our organization and because of the critical need for good written communication for business success, the creation and implementation of an employee writing workshop is urgently needed for our organization to retain competitive advantage.

The need for a writing workshop in our organization does not mean we are alone in employing individuals who need improvements in writing skills. As Solomon (2004) reports, business leaders have been complaining that "declining writing skills of college graduates a

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