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Psychology of Middle Childhood: Analysis of Results and Conclusions

The following presents a discussion of the psychology of middle childhood. Findings from multiple sources are presented. This is followed by an analysis of results and conclusions.

The Psychology of Middle Childhood

Middle childhood presents with the quest for increased independence and this comes with related behaviors and needs (CDC, 2010; Medline Plus, 2010; Text). Children in this age group seek out a new sense of self but in the process they remain aware of their need for their parents. A survey of parents revealed that warmth and involvement with activity monitoring was linked to higher levels of academic and social competence in children. During this age period sibling rivalry may increase. As the child participates in more activities they maintain a need for parental affection and approval and when they perceive a sibling as getting more of this attention, rivalry may occur. Same sex and close age is related to increased parental comparisons for attention with more adjustment difficulties. When parents are under stress and are unable to maintain high levels of attention and affection, this exacerbates rivalry among the siblings. Siblings may try to overcome their issues by being different from each other and seeking different activities. Despite this rivalry siblings rely on each other for companionship and help and the actions and attitudes of older siblings are found in younger siblings (Text).

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (2010) breaks down middle childhood into two age groups: early middle childhood ages six to eight years of age; and later middle childhood ages nine to twelve years of age. During early middle childhood, children face changes such as going to school and increasing their independence. They are now able to get dressed by themselves and they have more physical dexterity. Next, they go out into the world and develop their physical, mental, and social skills even furt...

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