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State College

Family, Freshmen, Football & Festivals

State College, Pennsylvania, is the home of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) as well as being home too more than 72,000 residents (Downtown 1). State College is located in central Pennsylvania and it is within a 250 mile radius of major hubs of the Northeast Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Detroit and others. Economically, the region is thriving and expanding. It is at the center of one of the fastest growing regions in Pennsylvania and offers a diversity of businesses, from emerging hi-tech companies to a traditional manufacturing and service base. Known as “Happy Valley” to those who reside in the area, State College is often rated by magazines nationwide as the perfect place to work, study and raise a family. It is often rated as one of the least stressful and most safe areas to live as well. However, like any location, State College has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Perhaps its biggest weakness is that even though there are diverse groups of people living in the region, legislators, law enforcement, and others in positions of importance are conservative and often devise policies and legislation that are prejudiced against minorities like Blacks, Latinos and Homosexuals. This analysis will discuss the following aspects of State College life, including strengths and weaknesses: community, education, business/services, transportation, food/nightlife.

The community of State College offers diverse opportunities in many areas. The streams, rivers, lakes and plentiful mountains offer sportsmen and those who enjoy the outdoors ample opportunities to hunt, fish, hike, bike, camp and a variety of other activities. The community is very safe in comparison to other areas of a similar size and children are safe to play anywhere in the area. Gothic churches, Greek courthouses and classic Georgian ho...

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