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The history of the education movement in England

The history of the education movement in England can be traced back to the Education Act of 1870. This Act ushered in the modern system of education in England. The Act gave rise to a national system of state education, but also assured the existence of a dual system - voluntary denominational schools and nondenominational state schools. The Act required the establishment of elementary schools nationwide. They were required to guarantee attendance for all children in their respective districts between the ages of 5 and 13. Elementary education became effectively free in England with the passing of the 1891 Education Act.

In England, education is compulsory from the age of five to age sixteen. Overall responsibility for all aspects of education in England lies with the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. Children must start compulsory primary education the term after they reach the age of five years. All parents of four-year-old children who would like their child to be in some form of foundation stage provision must be provided with access to a government-funded program.

What social, economic, cultural, and technological forces have affected educational changes in England?

Social pressure favoring more ethnic, racial and religious tolerance has resulted in establishing a framework for a broad program of citizenship and personal, social and health education. This framework sets out what children must know and be able to do. The stated goal is for seven-year-olds to know the difference between right and wrong; to consider simple social and moral dilemmas; to learn to share and cooperate; to be able to recognize their likes, dislikes and justify their opinions; to control their feelings; and understand that bullying is wrong. By eleven years of age, children should be able to study current affairs, understand the concepts of democracy, discuss topical issues, and to learn about puberty and understand the consequence...

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