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Video Therapy Analysis: A Case Study

In this video, you will meet Kevin, my nine-year-old client who came to therapy after threatening to bring a gun to school and shoot a student and choking a student. As a result of his difficulties with his school work and his interactions with others, Kevin had resorted to aggression in order to express his feelings of anger and frustration. By the time he came to see me, Kevin was experiencing problems in his interactions with his peers at school and his siblings at home. In order to help Kevin create alternative stories, I utilized a combination of narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy and play therapy. Because of Kevin's initial reticence and unwillingness to take place in the therapy sessions, I had to rely on approaches in play therapy to enable Kevin to communicate his inner feelings with different tools. Providing him with a journal and using a card game were particularly effective techniques in helping Kevin overcome his inhibitions and establishing our relationship. Furthermore, as you will see in this video, my use of the solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy approaches enabled us to identify and explore the problems from Kevin's perspective. By broadening the context and discovering exceptions to his problematic behavior, we were able to formulate concrete goals that Kevin was committed to attain. As a result of these therapy sessions, Kevin has continued to make considerable progress both academically and socially even after the termination of the therapy.

Segment 1: Exploring Kevin's World from His Perspective

Haydee, Kevin's mother, highlights Kevin's aggressive tendencies in his interactions with others in school and at home.

In this clip, I attempt to utilize the solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy to identify the problem, as presented by Haydee and Kevin. By inviting both Haydee and Kevin to express their perspectives of the story, I am relying on the narrative therap...

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