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Effects of Violence in Sports

This research paper addresses the topic of how violence in sports affects our lives. The following relevant areas are presented: violence in sports is agreeable; sports legitimize violence; sports, violence, and masculinity; sports violence leads to legal violations; and summary and conclusion.

Historically, violence was not only found in sports, but it served as a sport in itself, such as was the case in Ireland in the 19th Century (Conley, 1999). Conley stated that the recreational element of violence in sports must be considered when studying violence in general. Studies of violence such as homicide focus on explanations that include economic, political, demographic, and cultural factors but fail to consider the recreation factor. Conley studied the records of 1,932 homicides that were reported by the Irish police from 1866 to 1892, newspaper articles, and court records. Findings showed that while multiple factors are involved, the Irish chose violence as a pastime in many cases. Violence in later times continues to reflect this pattern; violence is described as both rational and goal oriented and expressive of emotions and pleasurable feelings. Actions that include pleasurable violence are noted in other countries such as Australia, the Mediterranean, the American West and South, and Central and South America. Recreational violence has declined but continues to exist in play or sports. Conley stated that violence is an integral part of team sports and sports legitimize violence, making it acceptable in other areas of life. รก

Sports condone intimidation and violence (Shields, 1999). Shields noted that intimidation and violence in sports is a problem; examples include slashing and fighting in ice hockey, late hits and spearing in football, and bean balls in baseball. This violence is found in most heavy-contact and incidental-contact sports and in fact they are strategies widely used to win games. These technique...

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