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Drug-Addicted Single Mothers

The topic of the research is addicted single mothers and the effects of their lifestyle on their children.

The losses in quality of life for addicted mothers and their children are profound. The mothers are not able to develop themselves, explore their potential, and become full participating members of society because they are constricted by their addictions and economically burdened by trying to raise children, when they are possibly emotionally and psychologically unable to do so. The mothers feel like personal and societal failures, and the children suffer.

Economically, the ramifications of this rippling cycle are rather large. Many of the mothers are unable to work because they are raising children, going to school, or succumbing to their addictions. These young women become burdens to society and their families, and often it is the taxpayers who end up underwriting the costs. The children of addicted mothers are the innocent victims who may carry the effects into the next generation. They do not have adequate parenting, education, or even basic health and economic support. These are innocent children who suffer with learning and emotional disabilities. They struggle in school and have behavioral challenges. These children are more inclined to have the genetic and environmental components that lead to addiction, and they are more likely to drop out of school, participate in gangs, have difficulty with significant relationships, have work problems, and become involved with crime and end up in the prison system. This entire complex dynamic is expensive to society. There is the simple loss of a quality life for all the people involved, and there is the large financial loss to the support of persons who become terribly handicapped by the addiction cycle.

There is a fairly substantive body of research that describes the potential effects on children when parents have alcohol and other drug problems (Miller et al,...

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