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Learning Styles & Second Language Acquisition

Learning Styles and Second Language Acquisition

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

Overview of learning styles and L2 acquisition and

Purpose of report: To identify L2 learning styles and

their effects on language skill development

General theoretical perspectives on learning (cognitive, social, behavioral, etc.).

Learning beliefs, L2 beliefs, and L2 language learning success

Cognitive learning theories and L2 learning -- an overview

Social learning theories and L2 learning -- an overview

Visual versus tactile learning strategies -- ethnicity and achievement

Other theories: Age, cognitive development, maturity, experience

Effects of learner control; use of advance organizers in L2 learning activities, reference to function of memory and experience

Role of text and images (i.e., pictures, graphics) in fostering L2 learning

Visual versus tactile materials, achievement and motivation in L2 learning of English

Beliefs about language learning and their effects on students in L2 programs (culture, course difficulty)

Studies of communicative competence -- various issues related to communicative competence and its impact on the acquisition and learning of a second language, with particular reference to adult learners

Strategies for communicative competence delineated

Need for psychologically rich content in L2 programs as opposed to information exchange paradigm

CLT described and assessed for its efficacy

Difficulty of L2 learning and barriers

Strategies for effective L2 learning, with an emphasis on cognitive strategies

Recommendations for L2 program development and content

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

Contending theories are generally typical of disciplines that attempt to explain multifaceted, complex phenomena. Similarly, as noted by Iskold (2003), research on second language (L2) acquisition reflects the complexity of learning a language other than one's ...

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