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B. Why was he an important writer?

B. Library in El Segundo (CA) calls him communist.

III. Why is Jack London important to us today?

A. Location- we know little about the Far North

IV Movies made from his books and stories

V. Where does Jack London fit with other important American writers?

Jack London wrote many short stories and novels. He was a very popular adventure story writer. When he was writing, there was no radio and no TV, so people loved to read about far-away places they never would visit.

"London was a popular author whose fiction combined high adventure, socialism, mysticism, Darwinian determinism, and Nietzschean theories of race. Of the fifty books published during his career, The Call of the Wild (1903) is the most famous and widely read. London's fiction, particularly The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf (1904), and The Iron Heel (1908), and the short stories Love of Life,' 'To Build a Fire,' and "Batard," are considered classics in American literature" Gale 1).

Why was he important? He had political ideas. He was a socialist. Many of his stories had that theme: "After London established his literary reputation, he had more latitude in the material the editors would accept, and he experimented, especially in the period between 1905 and 1909, with stories that had a political point of view. It is fair to wonder if London did not bring a different consciousness to bear in the stories he wrote not for the literary marketplace but to further the cause of socialism" (Hedrick 1).

Because of his politics, his name won't be on a library in California. "El Segundo, Calif., officials have rejected naming public library reading rooms after Agatha Christie and Jack Londona'I read all his books as a kid,' said (Councilman)Gaines, 'But quite frankly, he was a world-renowned communist.'" (Anon 1).

Jack London is still popular, especially with young kids who love to read...

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