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Decision Making Style Introduction Thi

This research analyses the decisionmaking style of a subject evaluated according to character and temperament types. The subject's decisionmaking style was evaluated through the completion of two instruments. The first instrument (32 items) was the "Decision Style Survey Form."1 The second instrument (70 items) was the "Keirsey Temperament Sorter."2

The subject's decisionmaking style is then related to two engineering decisionmaking techniques. The first technique is PERM (program evaluation and review method), which is often known and referred to as PERT (program evaluation and review technique).3 The second technique is CPM (critical path method).4

Each of the instruments used to evaluate the subject's decisionmaking style are based on the MyersBriggs Type Indicator.5 Thus, decisionmaking styles are measured within the

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context of four pairs of characteristics: (1) extroversion [E]

and introversion [I]; (2) sensation [S] and intuition [N]; (3) thinking [T] and feeling [F]; and (4) perceiving [P] and judging [J].6 The scoring of the instruments is designed to indicate a dominant characteristic within each pair of characteristics. Thus, 16 basic decisionmaking styles are possible. With respect to each pair of characteristics, however, it is possible for a subject to score equally for each characteristic. Therefore, and additional 32 mixed decisionmaking styles are also possible.

The evaluation of the subject's decisionmakin...

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