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Medical Research & Technology

Although the world of science is becoming increasing specialized, the interrelationship between each specialty is also become increasingly apparent. Medical advancements have diminished human morbidity, but the resultant population explosion contributes to the world's pollution problems. Rapid developments in the field of science contribute to a wide array of chemical food additives, which in turn negatively impact human morbidity. For decades, the general public considered science a mystery and a vast communications gap existed between scientist and layperson. Several books have been published recently that help bridge that gap. Among them are Talking Tech by Rheingold and Levine, Asimov's New Guide to Science by Asimov, and Order Out of Chaos by Prigogine and Stengers.

Medicine affects the lives of human beings on a daily basis. For this reason, the general public's need to comprehend scientific jargon in this field is particularly important. The book Talking Tech covers several areas in medical science that have virtually changed the way of life for society.

The average layperson has some familiarity with medical research and technology. For instance, the drugs administered to aid pregnant women have been tested on human subjects during clinical trials. The results of this research determine whether the drugs are suitable for use on the general population. The medical procedures that allow doctors to observe the unborn fetus are examples of the use of medical technology. Technological advancements have even made it possible to determine the presence of life-threatening disorders in the fetus, thus allowing doctors to treat these conditions before the child is born.

Although medical research and technology have greatly enhanced the lives of individuals in society, questions are now being raised about ethical tradeoffs. Rheingold and Levine devote a chapter of Talking Tech to the study of bioethics: "The ki...

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