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Business Law Business Law: Principles, Cases and Environm

Business Law: Principles, Cases and Environment, by Ronald Anderson, Ivan Fox and David Twomey, provides an indepth examination of the principles of private law and cases. In addition, the authors have taken care to include information on the legal and regulatory environment in which business operates, as well as the social forces behind the creation and evolution of specific principles and rules.

The text is divided into 11 parts: legal rights and social forces; contracts; personal property and bailments; sales; commercial paper; government, business and society; secured transactions, creditors' rights and insurance; agency and employment; business organizations; real property; and, estates. In addition, the authors provide the texts for the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the Uniform Partnership Act (UPA), and the Uniform Limited Partnership Act (ULPA). There is an extensive glossary, and an index of cases as well as a subject index. Cases are included in the text near the principles they illustrate, and questions at the end of cases give the reader insight into key aspects of the case. Each of the 52 chapters ends with a series of questions reviewing the material in the text and in the cases. As in many legal documents, the text uses numbered as well as captioned paragraphs to enhance its organization, and good use is made of layout conventions such as color and type to enhance the readability of the book.

The study guide which accompanies the text was written by the same authors as the text and uses a variety of techniques to make sure the reader gains the maximum amount of knowledge. Each chapter for review begins with a summary of the key points of the text chapter, then moves into a number of questions. In some cases, these are multiple choice or true/false; matching exercises and completion questions are also used. Brief cases (just a few sentences) are also included with the reader prompted to provide analysis...

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