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Global Entertainment

As Galperin (2005, p. 1) maintains in his course description, ôWith the development of new communication technologies and the intensification of political and economic ties between nations, entertainment has become increasingly global.ö Nearly four decades ago, Marshall McLuhan maintained that the revolution in communication technologies would result in what he labeled a ôglobal village.ö With American films, fast food, apparel, and democratic forms of government and capitalist economies being adopted, even in countries like China, McLuhanÆs prediction was highly prescient. However, this homogenization is a two-way flow, with Western homogenization being augmented by the impact of other cultures on the West due to communication technologies and liberalized reforms around the globe.

The impact of national governments on controlling the pace of globalization, primarily viewed as Westernization in many regions, does impact the degree of homogenization within the global village. However, there is ample evidence that such homogenization exists but may be more than a one-way process of transformation. We see that just as much as American or Western programming makes it way into Korea, Australia, Brazil, and other markets and cultures, non-Western programming and influences are infiltrating the West. For example, hip hop music is enormously popular in Western nations, while ethnic food and clothing continue to rise in popularity in the U.S. As Barker (in Galperin, 2005, 203) maintains, ôDiscussion of Diaspora identities and of hybridization raise the issue of æreverse flowÆ, the impact of non-western ideas and practices on the west.ö

Many view the enormous impact of the West on the advent of the global village as something that implies only Western values or cultural identity is being homogenized globally. However, this is not only not the truth but it does not refute McLuhanÆs prediction because globalization is mer...

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