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1984 & Brave New World

Both Aldous HuxleyÆs Brave New World and George OrwellÆs 1984 present dystopian views of the future of society. Written in 1932, Brave New World is set in the twenty-sixth century but is the product of HuxleyÆs reaction to significant changes during his lifetime. As Aliprandini (2) writes, ôThe devastation wrought by the First World War, combined with socialist revolutions and advances in science and technology, inspire various responses among thinkers of the day.ö HuxleyÆs social order ushered in by holocaust in Brave New World is one where science, technology, and the media are used to control human emotion and behavior. OrwellÆs 1984, written in 1949, is also an account of how a totalitarian state controls every aspect of human lives in the future. Advances in technology and the awesome lethal power unleashed in World War II provided Orwell with inspiration for his dystopian perspective of the totalitarian state.

Despite being a product of the significant social changes and advances in technology and ideology during each of these authorsÆ lives, both Brave New World and 1984 are highly prescient in terms of the conditions of modern society. For in each of these works the author demonstrates how science, technology, and the mass media are used as instruments of control to suppress individuality and to maintain control over the masses.

The use of the media, science, and technology as instruments of control is readily apparent in both Brave New World and 1984. In HuxleyÆs future, a utopia exists where scientific engineering has eliminated social ills, from disease and pain to mass production of humans through artificial means. This world, where the totalitarian state removes free will and human emotions through the panacea drug Soma, is ruled by technology, science, and the media to control and manipulate citizens. A ôsavageö Native America society in New Mexico is also presented, one that is quite different...

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