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Leisure, recreation, play and work

Leisure, recreation, play, and work are important aspects of well-being. Additionally, these concepts are important to human existence because they often define identity. Plato and Aristotle viewed ôwork as a means and play as the endö (Kimeldorf, 2004, 2). With the rise of industrialism, the connection between work and free time developed, with work as a fixed amount of time and free time as alternate time or time that was not structured. According to Kimeldorf (2004), ôFree time did not exist prior to industrial clock timeö (2). Providing a definition of concepts like leisure, recreation, play, and work helps illustrate why they are beneficial to well-being and the distinctions among them.

Work is often defined as a compulsory activity undertaken for a purpose or out of necessity. We work to acquire money, provide for our families, and to earn leisure, recreation, play, and free time. Work is directly related to profitability for workers and those that hire them. Leisure activities are those activities that ôprovide pleasure, involvement and intrinsic motivation,ö typically promoting fun and well-being, although leisure time encompasses pastimes other than activities, (Fave and Massimini, 2003, 325). In contrast to recreation or recreational activities, leisure often provides rest in addition to enjoyment, the main distinction between leisure and recreation. Recreation is the use of time in a non-profitable way that helps to refresh oneÆs mind and/or body. In contrast to leisure and recreation, play is generally viewed as unrestrained, amusing interaction with things or others.

If we look at examples of leisure, recreation, play, and work, we can see how a balance of these concepts is necessary for well-being. Leisure activities often involve resting activities like lying in the sun. Recreational activities, in contrast, often promote physical and mental development. Recreational activities include such...

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