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3 Essays (Music. Advertising. Marriage & Parenting)

Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer, violinist and singer. Henry Purcell was one of EnglandÆs finest composers. Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian priest and composer. VivaldiÆs music was in the Baroque tradition, but the composer adopted a number of innovations into traditional Baroque music schemes. In his works he invented melodies and themes, including harmonic contrasts, rhythmic structure and bright and joyful music. Baroque music typically focuses on the contrast of heavy sonorities and Vivaldi helped evolve a more impressionist style in his works, often considered to be a forerunner of romantic musicians like Bach. According to one music historian, VivaldiÆs concertos were in the ôItalian styleö and he was considered ôa master of melodic invention and the projection of a sense of dramaö (Antonio, p. 1).

VivaldiÆs works demonstrate a variety of approaches to the Baroque genre, ones written for a wide range of instrument and instrument combinations. The Baroque style is also evident in the works of Monteverdi, but Monteverdi composed between the Renaissance and Baroque periods and his works includes those that can be categorized in both genres. MonteverdiÆs music helped bring about the shift from the Renaissance to the Baroque style in composition. Monteverdi worked on madrigals for most of his early career and divided musical practice into two categories, the ôprima pratticaö and the ôseconda pratticaö (Claudio, p. 148). Prima prattica was characteristic of the sixteenth century polyphonic ideal, including flowing rigid counterpoint, prepared dissonance and equal voices. However, the seconda prattica involved a much looser counterpoint with voices in increasing hierarchy that emphasized by soprano and bass. Monteverdi also introduced a new style of writing known as the ôgenere concitatoö that was intended to ôcapture emotions that were agitated or bellicoseö (Claudio, p. 149). MonteverdiÆs ma...

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