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An Overview of Islam

B) Other names used - Muslims, din.

A) Where did it start? - 7th century Mecca

B) Is it practiced today? - World's second-largest religion.

1. Where? - Middle East, Africa, India and others.

2. By whom? 1 to 1.8 billion Muslims.

C) What were the original values and beliefs? One God, Muhammad as the final prophet of God, Five Pillars of Islam.

D) Is there a spiritual leader(s)

1. What is his/their title? Muhammad

2. Controversy over spiritual leader. Controversy over Muhammad's successor led to Shi'a - Sunni denomination schism in Islam.

A) Is the belief atheistic, monotheistic or

polytheistic? - Rigidly monotheistic.

B) What name is used for god(s)? God, Allah

C) Is god benevolent or malevolent? Benevolent protector who punishes sinners.

D) Common beliefs held. God is the One God. Muhammad is God's prophet. Jesus was just a man, not the son of God. Belief in angels, preordination, soul, afterlife and Day of Judgment.

E) How do these beliefs influence everyday

life? - Act as guide on behavior and lifestyle, promote charity toward others, and define daily religious rituals.

F) How is god worshipped? - Variety of ways including daily prayer ("salah" 5 times daily), Hajj (Mecca pilgrimage), fasting, and "shahadah" (testament of obedience to God).

A) Is death viewed as positive, negative or

neutral? Positive if lived a life emulating the behavior of Muhammad.

B) What happens after death?

1) Is there a belief in a soul? Soul goes to eternal existence with God in paradise.

2) Where does the soul go?

1) How? Angels collect the soul and deliver them to paradise.

2) When? After thre...

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