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Jewish Scholars in the Media

This project will encompass two studies that will investigate the depiction of Jewish scholars in newspaper articles in the United States and Germany. This paper develops a research protocol for the investigations. The remainder of this introductory section provides material to prepare the reader for the development of the research protocol.

The essence of framing theory is that the way in which information is presented to people influences the opinion formation by people in relation to the issues addressed by the information presented. The framing process may be applied at interpersonal, organizational, and institutional levels. The mass media, as an institution, uses framing in the presentation of information to the public (Scheufele, 1999, p. 105).

The framing of information presentation includes (a) context of the report, (b) relationship to earlier events, (c) ties to other current activities, and (d) presentation structure. The framing process influences the development of opinions on issues by the people receiving those messages and images whether or not such influencing is the objective of the framing process. As all aspects of the presentation of information by mass media organizations are controllable by such organizations, the mass media as an institution is in a strong position from which to influence the development of public opinion (Gandy, Kopp, Hands, Frazer, & Phillips, 1997, p. 162).

Status of Jews in the Media Business

Today, the mass media business is highly complex with respect to the types of functional mass media. Prior to 1945, however, the mass media business was far simpler in terms of structure. From 1920 through 1945, newspapers were the primary sources of information and news, although radio assumed greater importance from the early 1930s. Prior to 1945, there was little Jewish representation in Germany radio, as radio was primarily state controlled. Jews were pr...

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