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Wireless Telecommunications Analysis

Analysis of Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry is concerned with multiple communications media, including television, radio, voice communications, and broadband services ("Telecommunications," 2008). Although the market is relatively mature and has consolidated considerably due to mergers within the past 10 years ("Telecommunications," 2008), new technologies and issues have arisen that have changed the face of wireless communication, forcing key players such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile to adapt. This paper will examine the telecommunications industry's wireless sector, providing an external analysis of the general, industry, and competitor environments, dominant economic feature, driving forces, and key success factors. Attention will be given to emerging technologies and their implications for the industry.

The telecommunications industry exists within a general environment characterized by rapid technology development, a lagging global economy marked by the closing of numerous banks and longstanding retail establishments, and serious concerns about technology-related issues such as terrorism and identity theft. Globalization continues to occur, bringing together people from all parts of the globe, with greater virtual access through the Internet and increased physical aggregation resulting from offshoring activities that create offshore facilities where native workers and expatriates rub elbows. Globalization has made substantial differences in the demographics of industries, due to the diversity it brings to both the workforce and the consumer market. Climactic political events, from the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein to the Iraq War to the election of America's first African American president, Barack Obama, color the general environment with political tension and conflict intermittently interrupted by euphoria. Another aspect of the political environ...

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